Terms of use

Service cancellations and returns

Prospeccions en Sorra, SCCL is responsible for the service offered under the name of La Bullanga. In this sense, the co-op team reserves the right to cancel the contracted service unilaterally at all times. In that case, an alternative date will be offered to carry out the service or the return of the amount paid by the users will be offered.

If the cancellation of the service is caused by users, only the amount will be refunded if the cancellation occurred at least 72 hours in advance of the start of the contracted activity. In case of force majeure, adverse meteorology or other external causes that impede the normal development of the service, it will be studied if the service can be relocated on another date, but the money will not be refunded if the activity has already started.

Civil responsibility

Prospeccions en Sorra, SCCL and any member of its team are not liable for personal injury or inconvenience suffered by users due to negligence or damage caused by theft, loss or other unforeseen incidents caused by third parties other than the service offered.

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